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The Fur Eivissa Milan making the pickup service old fur and sheep, for the evaluation of the new purchase.

Renew your wardrobe or impreziosirlo with a leader in fashionable fur or leather is cheaper thanks to the service provided by the Eivissa Fur. Thanks to the service of the fur trade-ins, in fact, you can exchange an old boss in exchange for incredible facilities for the purchase of a new coat or a new garment leather.

The wear and tear can cause significant damage to our furs, and often the damage is so great as not to allow more ease and simplicity of use with the fur itself, or even a simple change in our taste or fashion trends can make normal obsolete and out of fashion fur: this is the time to revolutionize the closet and take advantage of the service that exchanges of fur fur Eivissa, based in Milan, puts at your disposal!

You will discover a range of amazing deals that will allow you to save money and to optimize all your investments: the fur trade can bring your boss that you are not wearing more in exchange for a new fur coat or other types of animals, all available in our shop, such as:
  • shearling
  • leather clothing
  • clothing with fur inserts

Many leaders in fur and shearling are waiting for you in the store in Milan!

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